Since 1947, KFRM has been entertaining and informing people in the Midwest. For many years KFRM was one of the leaders in Country Music, and delivering information to their many listeners. KFRM went through several owners and format changes, but it has always been successful as an agriculture station.Taylor Communications Incorporated negotiated the purchase of KFRM, and took over operations on September 30, 1996. We made a commitment to include the best of the traditions of KFRM and better it with the information many farmers and ranchers need to enhance the bottom line of their operations. Our programming is focused on the innovators and decision makers through Full Time Farm Talk Radio.KFRM works every day, just like farmers and ranchers. Every market day, the KFRM staff delivers over 30 commodity and livestock reports, including commentaries by Tom Leffler, Mark Gold, and Sue Martin. Agriculture information dictates our programming. When news is happening or when a shift happens in