Melodies of Prayer – KGCA-LP

Proclaiming the good news of the Three Angels' Message (Revelation 14): # To encourage all to live a healthy and holy life of victory in Jesus, respectfully accepting His great sacrifice, lovingly obeying His eternal principles (His Ten Commandments) for which He died to uphold;# encouraging others to have abundant life in a relationship with the Creator and Lord of the Sabbath, to embrace His loving Mark of Relationship (His Holy Sabbath Day), as manifest in the faith of Jesus when He walked this Earth;# to lead others to embrace the love, faith and testimony of Jesus (the Spirit of Prophecy) — to lead all to walk as He walked, to live as He lived — to sing His praises from glory to eternal glory!Providing health outreach and spiritual media ministry to uplift and heal, helping peoples of all walks of life find the answer to their deepest needs and Salvation in Jesus — to bring glory to the loving Creator and soon-coming Savior of the world.