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Who are we? The non-profit organisation was created in October 2002 by Helmut Schwaiger and Peter Gigl. The statutes and statement of establishment were submitted on 5 November 2002 to the district of Gmunden, Austria, granted and entered in the register of associations under the number Sich71-1572-2002. The constituting meeting and at the same time first general assembly took place on 29 November 2002. The minutes of the founding meeting will be sent to members of the association free of charge on request by e-mail.In memory of the co-founder of our association Peter Gigl (president 2002-06)Due to the passing away of our president Peter Gigl, new officers were elected in November 2006 (top left to top right):Robbin Knapp, WebmasterGerti Knapp, AuditorDoris Stadlmann, SecretaryHarald Loidl, AuditorRenate Gigl, Assistant TreasurerJohanna Heissl, TreasurerHelmut Schwaiger, PresidentJuliana Pierer-Kliment, Assistant SecretaryMichael Hug, Vice-presidentSee also: We&