Alliance 92

Alliance was founded in 2007 by a group of facilities management professionals with almost fifty years of combined experience in the field. Our goal at the outset was to offer industry-leading services through superior training, oversight, communication and follow-through while maintaining competitive pricing.TrainingSo often, training in the workplace involves something along the lines of “Okay, here’s a rag and spray-bottle…if you have any questions I’ll be in my office.” Alliance uses a combination of thorough live-training sessions as well as video-based instruction. Besides initial training, employees undergo occasional recurrent training to sharpen their skills. We do our best to implement our training in a way that makes it fun for employees to participate.Aside from the usual (and important) topics in training like basic procedure and safety, Alliance also emphasizes attention to detail. It’s easy to just go through the basic motions, but quality cleaning takes effo