Island 102.9 FM

MISSION STATEMENT ISLAND FM’s objective is to present to the Bahamian community a type of programming that will enhance the local listener’s appreciation of its worth while making visitors to The Bahamas feel at home. ISLAND FM’S GOALSimply put, to continue to achieve a position in the marketplace that, whenever a guest to our Island asks any local resident where he can get the biggest slice of Bahamiana, the answer is made automatically and without hesitation, “ISLAND FM!”THE HISTORYBroadcasting has been a natural progression for the Carter family. Founded by the late Harcourt C. Carter, Sr. in 1948, the Carter Record Shop provided the springboard for a number of music, entertainment and communication related businesses in the ensuing years such as Cody’s and Carter Marketing. Since the inception of the latter, in 1992 by Charles Carter, veteran broadcaster whose voice and communication expertise is known throughout the archipelago, Carter Marketing has originated, develo