Jazz Excursion

John began his broadcasting career in 1969, co-hosting the morning show at Lutheran High School East in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. "We did a little fifteen minute blurb on school activities over the P.A., and then played a couple jazz cuts… no rock allowed! It's funny to think about that now with what gets aired over stations in the current environment." Moving on to college at Miami University in Oxford, John hosted a variety of rock, classical and jazz programs on WMUB-FM; most notably "The Musical Excursion" (soon to change to the Jazz Excursion in 1975). Graduating with a radio, T.V., and Film degree, "The Jazz Station" KADX-FM Denver's commercial jazz station was the next stop. Starting as the traffic manager (scheduling commercials) and moving on to part-time air shifts and finally program director within a year. During tenure at KADX-FM John interviewed hundreds of jazz artists and produced several award-nominated radio programs and