Radio Veritas

VISION The vision of Radio Veritas is to be a self-supporting Catholic radio station that entertains, informs, educates and inspires its audience as a national satellite and terrestrial broadcaster.OBJECTIVESIn support of our vision statement we have formulated the following objectives: 1. To be a recognized Catholic broadcaster serving the interests of its community; 2. To achieve and attain suitable licencing; * To the reach the SADEC area; * To attain appropriate funding and sponsorship and be financially sound; * To address social and Catholic issues; * To provide a “life guide” to its listeners; * To become international in reach and content; * To give hope and direction to its listeners; * To become easily accessible to its listeners; * To be grounded in the Catholic faith; * To broadcast in the local vernacular; * To utilize more than one medium to reach its audience; * To provide relevant content; * To broadcast professionally; * To deal with social issues of our time (eg