Renegade Radio

The History Of Renegade Radio (How it REALLY happend) IT BEGAN IN 2003 Whilst surfing the web looking for rave flyers and pirate radio memorabilia, , Puffa surfed into Back To The Old Skool Forum and that started the ball rolling. From swapping stories with other members, tune id's and general chit chat, it soon re-stoked the flames of raving and music. It wasn't long before a pair of second hand turntables were picked up, tunes being purchased and the old vibes were flowing again.IN 2004Puffa met Livvy and a number of the b2vos members.During this time Puffa was tuning into radio shows on break pirates, battle station and remaniss.LATE IN 2005Dj Inferno contacted Puffa with the offer of a weekly slot on his web site Stressfactor, Puffa accepted and took the 8-10 slot on Fridays. A few months later, Inferno had no time to put into the radio due to putting his time into production and left the site in sole control of the owner B12.MID 2006The site was hacked, B12 did not have fu