Solo Piano Radio

What is Whisperings? Pianist David Nevue The founder of Whisperings is pianist and composer David Nevue. David is the author of How to Promote Your r Music Successfully on the Internet, and the founder of The Music Biz Academy, an educational web site for musicians.What do you do if you're an independent musician who wants to promote your music to radio – but terrestrial radio stations playing your style of music are almost non-existent? If you're solo pianist and composer David Nevue, you start your own radio station. And that's just what he did.Nevue launched Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio on August 1st, 2003, as a vehicle for promoting his own particular flavor of piano music. In the beginning, he invited a few of his pianist friends to join him on the broadcast. He then sought out other like-minded pianists on sites like CD Baby. Before long, Nevue stopped looking because CD submissions for his Whisperings radio broadcast were pouring in from all over the world.Now, afte