In 1970, a new sound filled the air in Northern California. It was the new KVIP Christian radio, at 540 on the AM dial. KVIP was more than just a new sound, it was a sound that offered hope and a new life – a new life in Jesus Christ.From the beginning, KVIP was never intended to be "entertainment," although much of its programming is indeed entertaining. KVIP is a non-profit ministry, dedicated exclusively to a specific purpose: ministry to the people of the body of Christ, as an "arm" of the church, and a tool of evangelism to those who are searching and open to the saving message of the Gospel.To meet the goals, the station presents locally produced Christian programs hosted by Lou Hecker, Ted Hering, Lyle Faudree and Steve Hafen. Prayer Time airs weekdays at 11:45 on the FM stations. KVIP also broadcasts news and information, preaching and teaching programs, live call-in programs and more from a variety of sources around the nation.In 1975, KVIP added a second C