ORS Radio – 90s Pop

In ORSRADIO.COM you can find a lot of diversity in music because we know your expectations and demands of the music. That’s why, in our music industry we loveto have more than what is popular at this moment, but it goes beyond a simple idea,creating greater multiplicity and satisfying the tastes and ears of our wide scope oflisteners.There is always, behind the studio, a large staff working harder and bringing toyou the best of each day so that you can enjoy the music walking to the office, in yourcar, at home, at the library or even with the comfort of your notebook through theinternet in one channel which will provide you all the music and artists that you mostlike.In addition, our efforts to give you the best quality in music every single day, theconstant research on specific artists and the good communication within our team towork together, make us one of the best worldwide in the community of DJs in NorthAmerica with an entire range of contemporary sounds. This is and will be f